Thursday, March 11, 2010

Mr. Jacob Davis Scott

One of my best friends gave birth on Tuesday night to a healthy baby boy whom they named Jacob. He was born at 5:02 and weighed almost 9 pounds!!! (8lbs 15oz to be exact) I am so thankful that both mom and baby are doing well. He is such a cutie!

Look at those puffy cheeks and those eyelashes...oh those eyelashes!

And here is his sister Ms. Anna meeting him for the first time. I'm sure that she doesn't realize right now how much this will change her life but it looks like she is welcoming him with open arms. This is what I would call PRECIOUSNESS!!!

This is my favorite... they just are the perfect happy family. I couldn't be happier for you! Send Mr. Jacob and Ms. Anna kisses from Aunt Elizabeth!

Love always,

Friday, February 26, 2010

This one is for you Maxine...

With the sun shining bright today I can't help but hope that Spring is close by. And like always, once I get excited about something I tend to jump the gun... have I mentioned that my Easter decorations are out already. Ha Ha Ha

But really in all actuality as fast as time seems to pass by it won't be long until we're cutting the grass (by we I mean you hunny) and planting our pansies. Therefore I couldn't help with the sun rays beating down on me this morning to start researching how I want to do my hanging baskets this year. Yes, I know just call me CRAZY LADY, it's really ok... I'm aware of my prognosis. However, I hope you will enjoy these as much as I did.

All images provided by Better Homes and Gardens.





The last one is my personal favorite. I love it because of how soft, full and whimsical it is. If we have a house this summer (which I've come to the realization that we probably will being as this market just plum stinks) I will be trying these out this year. 

Well, I hope everyone has a GREAT weekend!

Love always,

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Some Shiny For Brynley

So because I've decorated and redecorated and then decorated some more over at our house and are running out of things to paint, hot glue, etc. I've been feeling a little sad. Don't get me wrong... we've worked really hard on our home and I am really proud of how she has come along but part of me strangely wishes we had one of those gosh ugly rooms that I could rip into and occupy myself with diy projects. So because of this I have decided to feed off of some of my friends who are lucky enough to be re-doing one of their own rooms.

Lately, I've been trying to help my good friend Jenny prepare for her upcoming arrival... Ms. Brynley. As I posted before we finally found a website that would let us design exactly what Jenny was thinking of in reference to fabric. This weekend we are going shopping with my mom to pick out all of the notions and  finishing details for the bedding and curtains that my mom will be sewing. I am soooo excited to see the patterns we worked so hard on come to life. On Saturday Jenny (and I) will be painting the room three shades of pink that Jenny fell in love with. They match the fabric PERFECTLY! When I was talking to Jenny last night she mentioned that she had purchased a door knob for the room. I guessed that it was from Anthropologie and she was totally blown away that I had total telepathic skills when it came to all things related to home design. I haven't seen it yet but I'm guessing it looks a little something like one of these (which are both to die for!) I just love love love Anthropologie!!!

Anyways, so back on subject as to what I was originally going to post about... lighting. Jenny said that  she hadn't found the perfect chandelier yet for Ms. Brynley and so of course that meant that Aunt Elizabeth had to get on the ball to complete this mission. I knew exactly where I would go to look for the perfect light...

They really have some GREAT prices on their Chandeliers and shipping is always $2.95 no matter what you purchase. Who can top that!!!!? (I'm sure !!!!? is not grammatically correct but you fellow design on a dime lovers understand it I'm sure.) Just check out some of the great deals I found.




And if you were only a little boy Bryn look what I found for your little reading corner. Your daddy would be so proud. Maybe next time Jenn.

Isn't that the cutest thing! Well, I hope that this helped a little Jenny and that you like at least one of these. If not... it at least fed my soul today looking at all these pretty's. Wish I had room in my house for at least 3 of them. In my next house I have promised myself that we WILL have a chandelier in our master bedroom. Casey insists on having a ceiling fan but I've made him a great compromise that he can have one of these next to his bed...


There is no reason one can not be fashionable, sexy and practical all at the same time.
Love always,

Monday, February 22, 2010

Ms. Macy

Although I don't have time to write a long post today I just had to introduce my second cousin that I met for the first time this weekend. Ladies and Gentlemen meet Ms. Macy.

She has completely captured my heart. I love you Ms. Macy and can't wait until the next time I can hold you. Valentine will have so much fun playing with you once you become larger than some of the bones he has eaten.


Friday, February 19, 2010

Yeah... Yeah.... I Know!

So, I know it's been like FOREVER since my last post... no one has to remind me. I just had no idea that life could get so crazy!!! Plus, it would be a whole lot easier and more fun to blog with the dreams of my new little one here. Isn't she beautiful.

Oh Val, Mommy would take so many great pictures of you with my new Canon DSLR _____ Camera. I left the model blank hunny (you know who you are) so that you could get me whichever one your little heart desires. This isn't a hint or anything but did you know that my birthday is almost a month away. Whew... time flies. I hope that somehow through cyberspace you are feeling just how much I love you right now!

But in reality I don't think I'll be getting one as soon as I would have liked being as we just welcomed a new member into our family. Meet Ms. 47" LG LCD. I guess we could call her Lucy GaGa for short. Yes, sadly at the beginning of this month Casey and I were greeted with the blue line of death.  I'm not sure that that is the technical term for what exactly happened to our TV but long story short Casey finally fulfilled the manly dream of BIG TV!  

And surprisingly (Although Ginormous) she makes our living room look so much bigger due to the re-arrangement of furniture. So he's happy, I'm happy, we're all happy. I must admit, watching movies is so much more fun now.

Oh Josh Lucas you are so drop dead gorgeous!) OOps did I blog that out loud. Ha Ha Ha

OK, so here's some projects I've been working on since we last talked.

Brynley's Room
So some of our very best friends (Jenny and Brian) are expecting there first child (Brynley) this upcoming May. Jenny knew that she wanted to do pink and brown in the nursery but was having a really hard time finding something that just made her heart go pitter patter. We looked everywhere for pink and brown geometric modern fabrics and NOTHING!!! So I had this crazy idea that "Hey, do you think that I could send off some designs and we could make the fabric?" These are the crazy kind of ideas that run through my head all day. As if life isn't hard and complicated enough. Ha Ha Ha

So right away I googled (what did we do before google) print your own fabric... and there it was. The greatest sight ever. Ladies and Gentlemen I introduce you to  Who comes up with all of this? And the search was over. Here are a few of the patterns we will be using in little Brnley's totally custom room.

The three patterns to the left are the ones that will be used for bedding. The top two for the bumper pad and the bottom one for the skirt. And the patterns to the right are just a few examples of some sheets little Brynley will be snuggled all up to durring the night. I designed the Camo one for Brian who is a hunter. I knew his heart would crumble when he read the sayings around the border "My daddy is a hunter." And Jenny absolutely loved that we could personalize Brynley's sheets with her own name on them. Valentine is really jealous of this but I assured him that one day he too will have his own personalized sheet. This project was just so much fun and I was just delighted to ease Jenny's mind with the whole ordeal of finding the perfect fabric. I can't wait to see the completed room once my mom works her little needle and thread magic.

Other than that I've been working on a couple of baby shower invitations and a wedding invitation for a Bride and Groom I was introduced to over the last couple of months. Rachel and Matt wanted something simple, and with cherry blossoms somewhere in the mix. Here is the final version we decided on. It's really unlike anything I've ever done before but I really am happy with how it came out.

Here is the invitation I did for my friend Rebecca. She will be delivering Jacob sometime in early March. She loved them and that's really all I wanted.

Well, I guess that sums up what I've been doing these past couple of weeks. I hope everyone had a great Valentine's Day. Obviously Casey and I got each other Lucy GaGa but my husband also surprised me with a dozen red roses and a card. And not one of those great value cards either so he did good.

Love always,

Friday, January 8, 2010

Just Catching Up!

It's Snowing!!! Today is a day where I wish I was still around the age of 10. I can see myself waking up early and asking mom if we had school today. Of course, I'd always know we did because it had to be a natural disaster for Jefferson County to get a snow day, but imagine my surprise when this morning she would have said NO!!! So what would I have done you ask... I would have for sure went back to sleep for a little while. Then when I woke up my mom, being as she was a stay at home mom, would have probably planned a fun filled outing of things to do. No snow would have kept us from shopping, eating lunch, and having a girls day out. But instead I'm at work.... OOOOOOH how I wish I were 10 today.

For those of you who have been asking to see an update on all the invitations I did this year I've posted them here along with some oldies from the past. Please if you would be interested on having me work on your special invites contact me anytime by e-mail. You can find my contact page via the link to my website.

I've also just finished a project for MYSELF. Back in the Fall we had our pictures taken by a friend of a friend (James Allen - which you can visit his website here. LOOOOOVE HIS WORK) Anyways, since our house is tiny and I don't really have room to display all his fabulous proofs I decided to create a high end coffee table book to adorn our well... you know, coffee table. Here are a couple of my favorite layouts. If you want to check out the whole online proof here is the link. If you have some pictures just hanging around that you would like for me to make into a book for yourself, be sure to contact me.

Well, I guess that I've caught up with everything... If you're reading this Courtney we love you and hope you are having a GREAT time in Australia. Wish I was there!!!


Thursday, December 31, 2009

So Long 2009... Hello 2010!

And so here we are again reaching the end to another year. I can't believe that 2009 is already passing us by. Unfortunately I didn't lose the 20 pounds I had previously promised myself last January... nor did I invent a product that would make me millions by this December. However - As to my knowledge I haven't really gained any weight and I still have plenty of food to eat, a nice warm bed to crawl into every night and clothes on my back so I'd say I'm ahead anyway. At least that's what I'm going to tell myself.

Here are some of my highlights from the past year.

The big 24.
Reaching the age of 24 was a little weird for me being as that was the age my mother was when she had me. For the first time I kind of felt like an adult. Yes... I know what you're saying "24 is SOOOOOO OLD" but I had always said I'd like  to be around the same age as my mom when we started trying for children and now it's like... HELLO 24 is SOOOOOO YOUNG!!! I guess it's true that you always feel like a kid at heart.

Putting our house up for sale.
This highlight has been a pretty frustrating one. We love our house. We love the quietness of the country, the acre lot we look out upon each morning, the many renovations we've accomplished ourselves in the past four years, but let's face it... WE NEED MORE STORAGE & SPACE!!! With Casey's new hobby of hunting and my lifetime obsession with clothing, furniture, pictures, you name it... we have outgrown our three bedroom, two bath abode. But obviously it is not the best time to sell with the market the way it is these days and so we have come to the realization "If it sells it sells, if it don't it don't."

Trusting in God.
This year also proved to be a year of faith when my Aunt Amelia was scheduled to have open heart surgery in Cleveland this past October.

 Last year she found out that she had an aortic anuerism and a leaky valve which had probably been there all her life. It was only by the grace of God that this was revealed to her before she had serious complications. At first they said that they would only watch the anuerism to see if they would need to operate... but during the summer her tests showed that the anuerism had grown and that surgery would be necessary. They sent her to the Cleveland Clinic (Which I can not say enough good things about!) It is like the Disney World of Operations let me tell you. Men in red coats making sure that you have exactly what you need, know exactly where you're going, etc. MY DAD WOULD BE GREAT AT THAT JOB!!! Anyways, the surgery was anticipated to take somewhere around 4 hours or so. 3.5 hours had passed and all the sudden the doctor came in to tell us that everything went as routine as could be and that the valve was repaired, the anuerism was gone, and that she was as good as new. All of our months of worries and fears had been taken away. We are so thankful that God watched over our family this past year.

Welcome Home Courtney.
On December 19th my dearest Courtney (my brother-in-law Blake's girlfriend... soon to be fiance "hint hint" right Blake?) finally graduated from WKU as a candidate for the degree of Bachelor of Science in Business Economics YOU GO GIRL!!! WOOHOO! And best of all, she is finally back to the ville so now we can finally be sisters and hang out all the time. We are so very proud of you Courtney and wish you the best life has to offer you! "Blake, I love you and was only kidding... no need to throw anything at me the next time you see me.

So, who knows what will happen in the year 2010. Maybe our house will sell, maybe it won't. Maybe I'll lose the 20 pounds and maybe I'll gain 5. I just hope that all of my family is still here and healthy this time next December. As far as resolutions go I'm only making one which happens to be one I make every year... TO BE MORE ORGANIZED!!! We'll see how that goes.

I love each and every one of you and wish you from the very bottom of my heart a HAPPY NEW YEAR!

Love, Elizabeth